Why Hiring A Courier For Same Day Freight Is The ONLY Smart Shipping Choice

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Oftentimes, people have the misconception that courier services are only for small items like documents.  They can’t imagine a bulky freight shipment could get to the intended recipient in under 24 hours.

These people would be surprised to learn that courier services are more than capable of delivering freight and cargo shipments to you in practically no time.

This is great news during this pandemic for companies that urgently need supplies in order to stop the spread of the virus.  Whether it’s a manufacturer who needs chemicals to make hand sanitizer or a hospital that needs N95 masks in order to protect their frontline workers, courier services are able to get them what they need quickly, regardless of size.

Gain Peace Of Mind Through Same Day Freight

Traditional delivery methods are impersonal and unreliable.  They offer no guarantees because so many variables can prevent shipments from arriving on time.

Freight shipments often contain items needed to complete important jobs.  If you’re a business owner that needs certain equipment or supplies for a construction project, why leave your livelihood in the hands of fate?

Courier services come with a delivery guarantee, so your freight shipment will arrive exactly when you need it via a bonded driver completely dedicated to the package’s safety.

A Variety Of Vehicles To Meet Your Needs

With courier services, there’s no “one size fits all.”  That’s precisely why they have vehicles ranging from small cargo vans and sedans to freight trucks that are able to transport thousands of pounds.  Regardless of the size of your freight shipment, a courier will have all the means to deliver it to the intended destination in no time.

Same Day Freight Is An Essential Option For Many Businesses

If you are a grocery store or restaurant owner, you’ll understand the importance of getting large shipments delivered quickly.  Without the delivery guarantee that courier services provide, you constantly run the risk of wasted frozen foods if the shipment doesn’t arrive in a timely manner.

When it comes to essential items for survival like food, potentially wasting a large quantity of it is far too great a risk to take.  A dedicated delivery driver will prevent any of this from happening just as quickly — if not sooner — than a standard delivery company.

Reliable Delivery Is Your Go-To Same Day Freight Courier

Whether you need to receive a freight package or get one out to a customer quickly, Reliable Delivery has options for you.  We offer immediate pick-up and delivery from the airport and optimized routed services for freight and LTL deliveries when needed.

Our 26-foot, lift gate-enabled straight truck is able to handle up to 10,000 lbs and/or 10-12 pallets, making us a well-equipped option for freight shipments.

Get your freight shipments the way you’ve always wanted and expected from other providers, cost-effective and damage-free.  Call our team of delivery experts today at 734-423-3030 or click here to book your next freight delivery!

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