Packages and Envelopes

Package & Envelope Delivery Services in Ohio & Michigan

We excel in providing same day, hour specific and immediate delivery services for packages, envelopes and many other important items such as:

  •  Medical Deliveries (Lab and Pharmaceuticals)
  •  Certified Documents and Accounting Paperwork
  •  Manufactured and Retailed Products
  •  Legal Documents, Contracts, and Blueprints
  •  Forgotten Items (Cell Phones, School Lunch, Briefcase, etc)

Same day delivery services for Packages and Envelopes in Ohio and Michigan

Rush Service

Pick-Up & Delivery Within 2 Hours

Double Rush Service

Pick-Up & Delivery Within 1 Hour

Triple Rush Service

Pick-Up & Delivery Within 30 Minutes

Distance Service

Delivery Needs Over 60 Miles

Distance Direct Service

Immediate Pick-Up & Delivery Over 60 Miles

Deferred Service

Pick-Up Before Noon, Delivered by 5:00pm

Find out more about our Packages and Envelopes Delivery Services; Call us today at (734) 641-1600. We provide package and envelope delivery service in the following locations: Lansing, Novi, Troy, Southfield, Jackson, Kalamazoo, Monroe, Flint, Detroit,  Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, and Toledo.


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