Routed Delivery Services in Ohio and Michigan

Reliable Delivery offers routed delivery services for our customers’ consistent needs. If you’re concerned with your current solution and would like a consultation, Reliable Delivery can help. We offer consultative services that evaluate your current solution inclusive of detailed analytics. If inefficiencies are found, Reliable Delivery can offer a step by step transition process to allow for overall and immediate improvement.

  • Routes Can Start Within 24 Hours of Notification
  • Route Optimization Offered with Each Opportunity
  • Electronic POD and Route Tracking Options Available
  • Services Offered 24/7/365

Available Service Options

Routed Package

Delivery Service Parameters:

  • Routes Consisting of 5 to 10 Package Deliveries
  • Day & Evening Options Available
  • Longer Mileage Route Needs

Routed Freight

Delivery Service Parameters:

  • Routes Consisting of up to 12 Palletized Deliveries
  • Day & Evening Options Available
  • Total Load Weights up to 10,000 lbs.

Route Analysis

Service Parameters:

  • Detailed Cost Analysis of Your Current Route(s)
  • Detailed Route Optimization Options
  • Route Conversion Analysis with Proposed Cost Savings

Find more about our Routed Delivery Services; Call us today at (734) 641-1600. We provide services in the following locations: DetroitGrand Rapids, Southfield, Monroe, Jackson, Kalamazoo, Ann ArborLansingFlint, and Toledo.


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