Kathy McNamara
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19/06/2017 5:22 pm  

This is our final discussion from the book, The Customer Rules!

This week, please read:

Rule 37 - Surprise Them With Something Extra

Rule 38 - Keep Doing It Better

Rule 39 - Don't Try Too Hard

From page 176-177, "Great companies have the mentality of champion athletes and great artists and visionary inventors: they never stop searching for ways to improve.  If you want your business to be known for customer service, every employee should constantly be looking for ways to do it better tomorrow than they do it today--and to keep on doing it even better next week, next month, next year....If  you believe you have already reached the pinnacle, it is only a matter of time before you'll be asking, 'Where have all the customers gone?' "

What are your parting thoughts?

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22/06/2017 5:08 pm  

Never, ever, stop improving. Always be grateful to your customers for without them, there would not be Us. For every low point, there is a tide of achievement waiting. Be polite, professional, assertive but yet empathetic. And always, " Exist To Positively Impact all Those Touched By Our Organization"

Tony Darin
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23/06/2017 3:00 pm  

True customer service never ends as every customer has different expectations. You'll never meet everyone's expectations but trying to will be an ongoing process. If you continue to improve and listen to positive and negative feedback from those you serve, you'll be better prepared to close the gap in exceeding customer expectations.

Thank you, Kathy, for offering the chance to read and respond to all of our employees. I enjoyed the book!!


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