Kathy McNamara
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09/06/2017 4:38 pm  

This week, please read:

Rule # 34 - Never Say No - Except "No Problem"

Rule # 35 - Be Flexible

On page 160, Cockerell tells us that when we hear "No" we get defensive.  He also said that "No" is a "hope destroyer and signifies a lack of effort."

Do you agree or disagree with his premise?  Why?


Larry Baker
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14/06/2017 4:33 pm  

Never say it.  Don't let it even slip out.  Avoid it like the plague.  "No" means that you don't want to help, that you are not interested in the business partnership, or that you won't even try.  Yet, avoiding the word will not make all requests possible.  It will, however, force you to listen--"What do they really want?"  By avoiding a knee jerk reaction, you can find a better way to serve.  Remember, "'No' is a hope destroyer" and we are here to make a positive impact. 

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16/06/2017 5:37 pm  

I totally agree with his premise that saying "No" is a hope destroyer. I am a firm believer that telling our customers No, will only lead to their dissatisfaction. That is why I always remind our coworkers that it is best to give our customers other choices and let them make the final decision on what best fits their needs.



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