Kathy McNamara
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05/05/2017 2:38 pm  

This week, we will read:

Rule 28 - Know the Difference Between Needs and Wants

Rule 29 - Have a Geek on Your Team

Then comment on one of these questions:

1.  Share your own experience as a customer and tell us about a time that someone identified your need in your interaction.   Remember, this is an example when YOU were the customer.


2.  What geeky ideas do you have that might make our business better?

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11/05/2017 2:53 pm  

As a customer, I remember when I was shopping for car insurance. I made multiple calls to different companies and came across one where the customer service was exceptional. As I kept talking to the representative, I was "probed" with the right questions which in turn made me realize that I did have a need for other types of coverage, not just for the cars. I realized after my interaction with that representative that by having the right attitude and asking the right questions, one can elevate the experience and identify other's needs, which in turn can help build long lasting business relationships.



Larry Baker
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11/05/2017 4:48 pm  

I remember when I brought my vehicle in for a repair and an hour later a sale's person called me.  He explained that I had my vehicle in for the fourth time that month. He explained that with the trade in value on my current vehicle I could afford a new vehicle. This was not something I had even considered. I knew the repair costs were high, but I hadn't thought I wanted a new vehicle. After talking it over with my wife, we decided on a payment and kind of vehicle we needed.  We were able to stay within the original budget.  The sale's person was right, we needed a new vehicle and have enjoyed it ever since.

Tony Darin
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12/05/2017 5:23 pm  

I'm sure there have been dozens of times where someone identified one of my needs and hooked me but the latest one that I go back to and think about is the Amazon.com experience. I spent a week or two trying to find a filter for our daughter's fish aquarium and could not find it anywhere. I checked in specialty stores and through Google but nothing. I checked on Amazon.com and not only found the filter within seconds but they offered me a replacement pack and other options for the aquarium that we've talked about. It created an impulse buy and I was hooked!

Three words on the "geeky" idea to make our company better....Parcel Delivery Network!


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